Monochrome Daydream


After a couple of years delivering some of the most memorable movie trailer music of recent years, Bryce Miller’s new album Monochrome Daydream is a love letter to the 80s synthfests of his heroes.

Having created hauntingly atmospheric trailer music for Doctor Sleep and Blade Runner 2049, plus the brilliantly moody reworking of "Over the rainbow" for the Godzilla: King of The Monsters trailer, Monochrome Daydream expands on these works, pushing towards a synthwave opus pumped up to an operatic level of opulence.

Drawing on the influence of the soundtrack work of both Vangelis and John Carpenter, Miller has produced sweeping textures and hypnotic arpeggios undercut with an ever-present sinister undercurrent.

The album’s opening track “Silhouette” recalls Vangelis’ main theme for the original Blade Runner, while the gentle arpeggios of “Visionline” give way to epic analogue synths reminiscent of Homework era Daft Punk.

The album provides a ready source of nostalgia for 80s kids like me, with a wondrously atmospheric reimagining of the time when we all thought the future would be neon-lit flying cars and robot strippers. It only adds to the charm that the album was released in November 2019, the date that Blade Runner takes place.

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