Crystal Gazer


Karkara’s debut album Crystal Gazer, leaps into life on a wave of psychedelic middle-eastern melodies, fuzz guitars and motorik beats, in a storming mix of kosmische and garage rock.

Formed in Toulouse in 2017, Karkara set out to explore the connections and intersections between eastern and western rock music, and succeed in delivering a life affirming slice of rock echoing the psychedelia of late 60s bands like Kaleidoscope, with an atmosphere equal parts bazaar and desert.

Inspired by mystical middle-eastern folklore tales, the lyrics mix tribal incantation with tales of nomadic mystics, Karim Rihani’s hypnotically shamanistic vocals sounding like a particularly animated Ian Curtis.

Supplementing their pedal apocalypse guitar heavy sound with the ever present undertow of the desert wind, and using a didgeridoo to help fill out the bottom end ensues a heady mix of creative cultural crossover with their krautrock influences.

Also worth a mention is the album’s stunning artwork by Dead Flag, which sets the scene for a mystical/mythical experience before you even listen to the music.

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