As The Dust Is Beginning To Settle


Simon Nelson takes some time out from The Leaf Library with his solo project The Nameless Book, to produce a work of pastoral ambience that works as an antidote to the chaotic close of 2019.

Originating as the musical glue between acts at Piney Gir’s midsummer Daylight Music gig back in June, where it was improvised live, the 4 tracks were subsequently reworked and expanded at Studio Klank into their present format.

Bringing an escape from the darkness of contemporary Britain, Nelson mixes found sounds, countryside sound effects and synthesizer drones across four pieces that take the listener on a tour of imaginary landscapes sound paintings.

From the open fields of “The Hurdles” with its birdsong and distant lambs, the leafy copse of “The Chalky”, and the mediterranean warmth of “Traal” with its chirping crickets and cicadas we are immersed in the reassuringly familiar sounds of the countryside. The final track, “Ventry Cove”, departs from this pastoral idyll and takes us on a trip to the coast, starting with the trickling water deep inside a cave and gradually emerging until we reach the ebbing tide of the coastline.

With the sound effects acting as the central focal point of the music, rather than just decoration, the drone accompaniment steers clear of the sinister undertones that normally creep into this type of music, leaving an uplifting mood piece that gives us an early taste of spring.

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